CTR Recovery For Spreadtrum Chipset || SC7731 – SC8830 – SC9830

Clockwokmod (CWM) Based Carliv Touch recovery for spreadtrum devices. This twrp can be ported on all spreadtrum chipset having sc8830 board. Basically this twrp is compiled for Spreadtrum SC7731 , SC8830,SC9830,...

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[SC7731][5.1] Rentjong OS v1.2.1 SC7731 for Symphony V85

Rentjong OS v1.2 Global Stable lolipop Custom Rom - Rentjong OS Stable lolipop Custom Rom For Spreadtrum SC7731  Android lolipop 5.1 Kernel with Linux...

[MT6580][6.0.1] LegendOS v19 For MT6580 Marshmallow With 3.18.19 Kernel

LegendOS v19 Marshmallow Custom Rom - LegendOS v19 Stable Marshmallow Custom Rom For Mediatek MT6580 (x32) Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Kernel with Linux 3.18.19+ LegendOS is android...