[Guide] How To Port MIUI 8 Rom To SC7731 & SC8830 Lollipop Based


How To Port MIUI 8 Rom To Spreadtrum SC7731, SC8830 & SC9830 lollipop Based.This thread is for Spreadtrum Lollipop Kernel Linux 3.10.65 . This tutorial is created for porting CM based ROMs for Spreadtrum Devices.


1. Winrar / 7zip
2. Android Image Kitchen
3. Miui 8 Custom Rom
4. Stock Rom

First Step : System Files

Replace This files Stock Rom to Custom Rom

From system/lib/
1. EGL ( Folder)
2. hw/camera.sc8830.so

From system/usr (optional)

Porting Boot On MIUI 8

1. Unpack Both boot.img (stock and miui)
2. Replace spilt.img stock to miui
3. Replace system/lib/modules/mali.ko to miui boot ramdisk/lib/modules/
3. Repack Miui boot

Note : If you got bootloop issue by following this tutorial , then you need to compare boot to fix bootloop issue.


Camera & Flashlight Bug Fixing
1. Open system/lib/hw/camera.sc8830.so with notepad++
2. Find by the the keyword “libui.so”
3. Rename libui.so to libcm.so
3. Again find ‘.so’ , You will get some lib file name.
4. Check which file is missing on custom rom.
5. Add the missing file on custom rom.

Video Tutorial
1. Camera and Flashlight Bug Fixing In CM Based Custom Rom

If you need additional help , you may comment below or you may contact us in Facebook discussion group.


  1. Comment: Hello St, I was trying to port your ROM to my device but I found the ROM is a twrp backup. How can I manage that? I successfully unpacked the systems. ext4.win, but I don’t know whether to repack it back or zip it and flash. Just a small observation, I once asked on Facebook whether I could port your ROMs to my 320×480 red device, I got a way out by changing the values of screen density in build.prop before zipping it. Now I can port them without screen size issues. Thanks for the big shares.

  2. ^^ same question as loservf ..I extracted the .ext.win file and merged it with system file available.Seemed to install the os but bootloop . might be with boot.img instead ,so when porting boot.img , what do we compare in boot.img . what do we compare exactly? and also when checking split img folder. i noticed everything is named miui.img.****
    mine is boot.img.**** so renamed my stock to miui.img****.

    Thank you for for time as well. 🙂