[MT6737/MT6735][7.1.2][64-BIT] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 Nougat Custom ROM for Brown 1 (V4701_I01)


Resurrection Remix is based on Lineage OS, Omni, Slim and more Remixed Custom ROMs that gives you an advantage of customizing your device with its pre-built customization settings. Resurrection Remix is one of most people’s favorite Custom OS of Android. This version of Resurrection Remix is based on Android 7.1.2, Nougat from latest Google Sources. This Custom ROM is fully stable and can be used as a daily driver. This Custom ROM was ported by the team of Optimitist ROM Portings. Please note that we are not the developer of this Custom ROM.

Your warranty is now void. We are not responsible for any kinds of damages that happens on your device. Do not blame us if your phone got bricked by flashing the files that we provided. Please kindly follow the instructions on how to flash correctly to avoid bricking your device.

What’s Working?
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Hotspot
• SIM Cards
• LTE Connectivity
• Audio
• Flashlight
• Camera
• All Sensors
• Offline Charging
• Google Assistant
• Screen Recorder
• Screenshot
• Full Theme Interfacer OMS Support
• Almost everything

What does not work and what are the bugs?
• Camera (Video Recording only)
• Android Package Helper (Might not be able to install APK Files, the only solution is to reboot the device to install APK Files)
• Passcode (You can’t open your phone if your passcode is more than 5 digits, maximum is 4)
• Music App (Download a music app from Google Play Store)
• FM Radio 
• Fingerprint Sensor

Custom ROM Information:
ROM OS Version – Android 7.1.x Nougat
ROM Status – Stable
ROM Kernel – 3.18.35+
ROM Chipset – MediaTek MT6737M or MT6735M
ROM Firmware Required – Stock Brown 1 Firmware

• Resurrection Remix Team – For developing this awesome Custom ROM
• SU Droid Tech – For distributing this file through the internet
• Yeasir Arafat – For approving my post
• Optimitist ROM Portings – For porting this awesome Custom ROM
• Brown 1 – Official Group – For supporting my Custom ROM Development
• Brahm Daniel Verano – For distributing this file

[Download these files first and copy them to your SD Card before doing anything]
Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 Nougat for Brown 1 – (https://www.mediafire.com/…/RR-N-v5.8.5-20190125-V4701…/file)
Google Apps – (https://www.mediafire.com/…/open_gapps-arm64-7.1-mini-…/file)
Decryption – (https://www.mediafire.com/…/Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEnc…/file)
Magisk – (https://www.mediafire.com/…/fxo…/Magisk_%28v18.0%29.zip/file)
Pitch Black Recovery Project – (http://www.mediafire.com/…/PBRP-2.9.0-20190119-V4701_I…/file)

Flashing Instructions:
1. Unlock the bootloader of your device on PC through ADB. Do a research about it on Google. 
• Before proceeding, please make sure that you have already installed MediaTek USB Drivers on your PC, otherwise it will not work!
• Plug your Brown 1 to your PC
• Go to a folder, and right click to reveal the “Open Command Window Here” option by holding the “Shift” button and by clicking the right button of your mouse simultaneously.
• Type this line “adb reboot bootloader”
• Once your Brown 1 is in its bootloader, type this another line “fastboot oem unlock”
• Now, once it’s unlocked, It will erase everything stored in your phone’s Internal Storage. Please do a backup of your files first to avoid losing your files.
• Congrats, Bootloader is now unlocked!

2. After unlocking the bootloader, flash TWRP via PC. 
• Before proceeding, please make sure that you have already downloaded all the files in your SD Card, otherwise, your Brown 1 will encounter a bootloop.
• Install MediaTek USB Drivers and “15 Second ADB Installer” from XDA.
• After installing. Download the PitchBlack Recovery File.
• Now, go to the folder where the pitchblack recovery is downloaded, and right click to reveal the “Open Command Window Here” option by holding the “Shift” button and by clicking the right button of your mouse simultaneously.
• Type this line “adb reboot bootloader”
• Your Brown 1 should boot now into its bootloader, now, type this line “fastboot flash recovery PBRP-2.9.0-20190119-V4701_I01-UNOFFICIAL.img”
• After that, type this line “fastboot boot PBRP-2.9.0-20190119-V4701_I01-UNOFFICIAL.img”
• Your Brown 1 should boot automatically to PitchBlack Recovery. 
• Done!

3. Decrypt your phone.
• If you’re now on Pitch Black Recovery, ignore the “Enter your encryption password” dialogue, and then flash “Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt_12.16.2018.zip” from your SD Card to decrypt your Brown 1.
• After that, reboot your phone to recovery mode again, and then perform a factory reset.
• Done!

4. (OPTIONAL) Firmware Backup
• Click the “Backup” Button
• Swipe to perform the action
• Done! You can use this backup file when you encountered a bootloop, or something like that.

5. Flash Resurrection Remix
• Root first, Flash “Magisk (v18.0).zip” on PitchBlack Recovery
• After that, Click the “Wipe” button
• Perform a clean wipe by clicking the “Advanced” button and ticking system, data, dalvik and cache. Do not wipe your SD Card or your Internal Storage.
• Locate where the Custom ROM is stored and look for this file “RR-N-v5.8.5-20190125-V4701_I01-Official.zip”
•And then, Flash it.
• After flashing it, flash Google Apps by looking for “open_gapps-arm64-7.1-mini-20190119.zip”
•After flashing Google Apps, flash Magisk again to obtain root access, look for “Magisk (v18.0).zip”
• After flashing all those files, reboot your system and enjoy!
• Congratulations! You have now flashed Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 Nougat on your Brown 1! Please take note that first boot will take 10-15 minutes, so please be patient.

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