How to port Spreadtrum SC7731C to SC7731G Custom Rom Lollipop kernel


This thread is for Spreadtrum Lollipop & KitKat Kernel. This tutorial is created for porting AOSP based ROMs for Spreadtrum Devices. Note that , this tutorial will not work on CM based custom rom.


1. Zarchiver/Winrar
2. Custom Rom
3. Stock Rom

First Step : System Files

Replace This files Stock Rom to Custom Rom

From system/lib/
1. EGL ( Folder)
2. MODULES ( Folder)

From system/usr (optional)

Step 2 :
Replace Boot.img Stock Rom To Custom Rom.

Bug Fixing : has stop fixing and theme manager bug fixing
1. Unpack Both boot.img (stock and port)
2. Replace spilt.img stock to port
3. Repack

No Audio Fixing
Replace system/etc/tiny_hw from stock to custom rom.

Camera & Flashlight Bug Fixing
1. Open system/lib/hw/ with notepad++
2. Find by the the keyword “.so”
3. You will get some lib file name.
4. Check which file is missing on custom rom.
5. Add the missing file on custom rom.

Video Tutorial
1. Porting Roms
2. Camera and Flashlight Bug Fixing
3. has stop and theme manager fixing

If you need additional help , you may comment below or you may contact us in Facebook discussion group.